Cobra Strike Force

Cobra Strike Force 1 - Kalarel 0

The Cobras are victorious! Despite almost losing a battle where Sha and Sol were almost eaten by Vampires, and a Shadow Creeper that blinded everyone, the party managed to pull together and defeat the cleric of Orcus and his minions. Then, descending a well of blood, they encountered the dread cult leader himself, Kalarel!

The fight to close the looming portal to the Shadowfell was tough and action packed. Manny was nearly pulled into the Shadowfell, an act that would have certainly have been catastrophic to his hair. A Wight drove the group to panic, scattering many towards the portal, and Sha into a pool of blood. Kalarel used his dread powers to great effect.

Despite the fact that Orcus himself was looming over the group, and despite the efforts of Kalarel and his undead minions, the group was able to triumph! Kalarel and his cohorts were slain, and Orcus was sealed once again into the portal. Kalrel’s body was taken by Orcus at the last moment before the portal closed. His failure in front of his god ensuring a gruesome fate.

Heartened by their victory, haunted by the thought of what could have been if they had not closed the portal, the Cobras collect themselves and strike for Winterfell.



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