Cobra Strike Force

Big Fucking Spider

Our heroes delve deeper into the dungeon and find themselves confronted by Hobgoblins. The Cobras were trapped in the stairwell by two Hobs standing sentry while others released a large Death Spider. Mass confusion ensued and Sol was almost cut down while trying to distance herself from the group. She trapped several Hobs in a room while the spider learned the hard way not to play with fire. Unfortunately for the group, the spider was able to leap across the ceiling and attack the party on the stairs cutting them off from Sol who was quickly surrounded.

Borax, Manny, Sha, and Le’Mon were able to cut down the spider and the remaining Hobs before Sol took a mortal wound. They recovered from the hard fight and took stock of the situation, wary for Hobgoblins or worse…


For Sha’s Reaction to the encounter check out the Forum.

Big Fucking Spider

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