Sha Kalista

A fiesty and vain young lady, with a habit of wandering into places she shouldn't.


Age: 19 Race: Tiefling Type: Warlock – Fey


Surrendered by her mother into Faerie care as a babe, the child Kalista was raised as a loved form of entertainment until she was seven.

While Kalista was still young, several sprites had gotten access to the manor house of a young, rich lord, and stolen some minor, but very shiny possesions from the lord. He hired a local mercenary, Douven, to recover the items.

Young Kalista found the mercenary to be as odd as she was, and enjoyed spying on him for days as he searched for the stolen goods. Her faerie family found the idea “just too fun” to pass up, and arranged that each morning, as the Dwarf awoke, young Kalista was somewhere in his camp. And each morning, the Dwarf responded with a “SHA!” a wave of his arm to scare here away, followed by steadily ignoring her. As the mornings passed she remained longer and longer, growing less and less afraid of the dwarf. As the dwarf and his companions traveled Kalista was delivered to the dwarfs camp, until one morning, they awoke to find her preparing waffles in a small stove. The Dwarf instantly decided that “Sha” was ok in his books.

Sha Kalista

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